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DK Rahne

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PostSubject: Announcement   Tue May 04, 2010 6:49 pm

Firstly I must apologise for my absence over the past few days, as I have been ill.

On to business.

FUBAR Treasury and Treasurer

I would like to announce the treasurer for the FUBAR treasury. This position has been given to Metzkill1, a most trusted member of FUBAR (not to mention FLR previously).

Treasurer responsibilities (but not limited to)

1. All handling of FUBAR funds.
2. Tracking of FUBAR deposits, donations etc.
3. Distribution and payout of FUBAR in game credits for tournaments.
4. Handling of tournament registration fee's.


The treasury is now open for business and requires your hard earned in game credits to get started. Metzkill1 will be making an announcement within the next few days on the procedure of donating to the treasury.

CLUB Series Update

A) Meet 2 - car manufacturer and car change.

Due to some members not having the required DLC pack I have had to make a change to the car and manufacturer listed for meet 2.

As some will have already noticed two of the listed manufacturer's (Listed HERE) contain manufacturer's that two teams chose to run in the FLR based World Series competition. In light of this I have chosen the following. (A third manufacturer and car that was used in the World Series)

Manufacturer: Alfa Romeo / Car: 8C Competizione / Class: A

B) Team Driver Cap

All team's are restricted to a maximum of 3 drivers (minimum of 2 drivers) with at least one other being nominated as reserve driver. (The reserve driver(s) are required to step in if your first drivers are not able to participate). In the event that a reserve driver is needed for the race (and qualifying has already taken place) the reserve driver is required to start at the back of the grid.

C) Time zone (Zone Specific Lobby's)

The time zone issue has been resolved by utilizing both an EU and US lobby system. (As was used previously).
Both lobby's will be run at times that are friendly to their prospective zones. Rules will be modified slightly to accommodate this.

D) CLUB Series logo will be gifted out within the next few days.


- XBL Gamertag - DK Rahne - - PSN Tag - DK_Rahne -
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